Buzzworthy Gallery 101

Once a photoshoot is complete, and the photos are fully edited, an online gallery is created for each property. This gallery can be shared easily using it’s unique URL address (e.g. and the photos can be downloaded as well for use on MLS or printed materials. Below is an outline describing each feature to help you more easily navigate the gallery but if you have any questions or have difficultly using your property’s gallery please contact me at

Accessing Your Gallery

Each gallery has a specific URL which will be emailed to you once your photos are ready. For example, if the property address is 1300 Riverside Rd the URL will be When the URL is entered into your web browser you’ll be taken to the gallery cover page which will look similar to the image on the right.

By default a gallery is accessible by anyone with the URL but additional privacy settings can be enabled upon request.

Viewing Your Photos

To view your photos, click where it says Click Here To Open or simply scroll down the page. The photos in your gallery will be displayed together in a grid pattern under the cover photo, but you can also view each photo individually by clicking on it. In this individual photo view, you can scroll through your photos by clicking the arrows to the left and right of the photo or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. To exit individual photo view click the X in the upper-right corner and you’ll return to the full gallery.

Download Your Photos In 3 Ways

To download your entire gallery at once, simply click the download icon in the top-right of your gallery. You’ll be asked for your email address so you can be notified once the whole set is ready to download.

You can download a single photo on the gallery page by hovering over the photo and clicking the download icon that appears in the top-right corner. You won’t be asked for your email when downloading single photos.

You can also download a single photo from the individual photo view by clicking the download icon on the top of the window. Just like in gallery view, you won’t be asked for your email when downloading single photos.

Sharing On Social Media

You have several different options if you’d like to share your photos on social media. Next to the download icon, on both the gallery and individual photo views, you can click the social media icon for a list of several platforms in which to share your photos. Similarly to downloading, clicking the social media icon at the top of the gallery will share the entire gallery and clicking the icon that appears when you hover over a photo or in individual photo view will share a single photo.

You’ll need to sign into your social media accounts in order to use this feature.