buzz·​wor·​thy adj : new and interesting in a way that attracts or deserves widespread talk or attention

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, high quality photography is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. With a portfolio of over 3,000 properties, I have the experience and expertise necessary to tackle an assortment of property types. I offer a variety of imaging services tailored to ensure your property stands out amongst the crowd and will work closely with you to capture the custom details unique to your property. No matter if you’re marketing a cozy efficiency or lavish estate, you can rely on Buzzworthy to produce stellar images designed to captivate your clients.

Chris Pandel Avatar
Chris Pandel
Matthew did a great job! My sellers are so happy with the pictures. Matthew photoshopped in a beautiful blue sky when the photo day was gloomy and overcast. Thanks, Matthew!
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Lauren A. Roth Avatar
Lauren A. Roth
I used Matthew for the first time on two listings simultaneously because photographers that I usually schedule with were booked. After receiving the photos back for both houses I was impressed and so were the sellers! The techniques and angles he does make him unique. Needless to say, Matthew will be my new photographer! 🙂
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Ernest Chamberlain Avatar
Ernest Chamberlain
Absolutely phenomenal. The photos are great, and the customer service is exceptional!
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